All About the Best Microblading Service

The universal fact we all agree is that face is the most important part of the human body. Also, it takes only 7 seconds to form the first impression and your facial look plays a major part in it. Every facial feature contributes in a unique way to enhance the overall appearance. And among all, eyebrows are one of the prominent features that completely refine the look. Therefore, it is important to create that flawless eyebrow look and take extra care of it. From bold and arched to straight and feathered, with the help of eyebrow treatment, you can get the look you want and add undying charm to your face. Microblading is one such eyebrow treatment procedure that produces natural looking eyebrows.


What is Microblading?

It is a semi-permanent tattooing process in which pigment is implanted on hairs to give a fuller and natural look to the eyebrows. Microblading Sarasota provides the best solution to cover gaps, scars and fill the eyebrows by reconstructing them. The pigment used in microblading is organic in nature so it did not has any side effect and won’t change the natural colour of your brows. Microblading is also known as micro-stroking, eyebrow embroidery, 3D eyebrows and many more names.

The whole procedure of microblading takes up to 2-3 hours in the initial session and after 4-6 weeks, you need to revisit the salon for the final touch up. Also, as already said, it is a semi-permanent method so results will last up to 1-2 years and then fading of sharp strokes will start. So regular touch up is required to get the long-lasting results. There is a myth among the people that people with zero eyebrows can’t opt for microblading. But it is completely untrue, even people undergoing for chemotherapy treatment can also opt for microblading service Sarasota and gain their confidence back with fuller and stylish looking eyebrows.

If you are planning to reconstruct your eyebrows and looking for the best microblading service centre in Sarasota, then do visit Lash Boutique. It is one of the best lash studios in Sarasota offering a wide range of services including lash extensions, microblading and more. They have a team of trained and experienced lash artist who will reshape your eyebrows in a way you want.

To schedule an appointment or know more about them, please visit



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